Public Services

Every town and city functions through the combined efforts of its members.

Learn how to work for your community.

The safety and well-being of a community is result of the people who dedicate their careers to maintaining it. Whether it’s in parks and recreation, emergency dispatch, fire services, or court clerks, this pathway provides the opportunity to improve lives as well as the public spaces we all share.

Top 10 Highest Demand Positions In Public Services

( South Central Kentucky )

  • Highway Maintenance Worker
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT Average Annual Salary: $27,800
  • Office Clerk (General)
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/SST/OJT* Average Annual Salary: $27,900
  • Secretary and Administrative Assistant (Except Legal, Medical and Executive)
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT* Average Annual Salary: $29,000
  • Police, Fire and Ambulance Dispatcher
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT* Average Annual Salary: $29,800
  • Court, Municipal and License Clerk
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT*  Average Annual Salary: $30,000
  • Firefighter
Minimum Required Education: PSE/Certificate/OJT Average Annual Salary: $30,400
  • Correctional Officer and Jailers
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT Average Annual Salary: $32,500
  • Maintenance and Repair Worker (General)
Minimum Required Education: PSE/Certificate/OJT Average Annual Salary: $33,200
  • Child, Family and School Social Worker
Minimum Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree Average Annual Salary: $37,100
  • Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officer

Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT*  Average Annual Salary: $40,300

HSD: High School Diploma OJT: On-the-Job Training, PSE: Post-Secondary Education STT: Short-Term Training GED: General Educational Development *Higher level of education preferred

Data Source Chumra JobsEQ®

Public Services in South Central Kentucky

Public Services Career Pathway

Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

Airline Pilot
Flight Engineer
Human Resources
Logistics Manager
Information Technology
Supply Chain Manager
Logistics Analyst
Purchasing Agent

$33,000 – $83,900

Associate’s Degree
Paralegal & Legal Assistant
Civil Engineering Technician
EMT & Paramedic

$28,800 – $45,300

Post-Secondary / OTJ Training
Maintenance/Repair Worker
Supervisor of Fire Fighting & Prevention Workers

$27,350 – $56,700

HS Diploma / OTJ Training
Administrative Assistant
Office Clerk
Correctional Officer & Jailer
Police & Sheriff’s Patrol Officer
Bus Driver (Transit)
Municipal & License Clerk

$28,000 – $37,600

Data Source Chumra JobsEQ®

By the Numbers

Numbers based on 1,277 seniors in the Spring 2019 graduating class.


Graduated with an industry credential


Graduated with a career preparatory or completer program


Graduated with 6 or more post-secondary credits.


Resources to start building your pathway are available throughout the community and through educational certifications. Local schools are just one of many resources, and in the surrounding area these programs and career models are offered. See what’s available in your community.

Career Pathways Offered at Area High Schools:

  • Air Force JROTC (Warren East)
  • Army JROTC (Bowling Green, Warren Central)
  • Early Childhood Education (Bowling Green, Warren East, South Warren, Greenwood, Warren Central)
  • Environmental Science & Natural Resources Systems (Warren East)
  • Fire Service/Firefighting (Bowling Green) 
  • Fundamentals of Teaching (South Warren)
  • Navy JROTC (Greenwood)

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