Career Shadowing


Career Shadowing
is a job-related experience where students spend time observing a professional on the job.


During Career Shadowing, small groups of students in high school will observe professionals on the job and experience “a day in the life” of a business environment to gain a deeper knowledge about existing careers, career pathways and the essential skills needed for success in the workplace. Shadowing will occur during the school day at a local business.

For Educators

During Career Shadowing, small groups of high school students will spend the school day observing professionals for a “day in the life” experience of a specific business environment.

Students will become familiar with the business through a pre-brief lesson to make the most of their onsite visits. Afterwards, students will complete surveys and share academic connections with classmates. Altogether, the job-related experience will improve career-preparedness and encourage more intentional pathway choices.

Career Shadowing Successes

The Medical Center hosted 40 students involved in the Healthcare initiative and reenacted a stroke. From the people “in their home” to the first responders, the doctors, the nurses, to the social worker and speech pathologist, the students were able to see all of the different roles that went into the care of that single patient. They were then able to ask questions and discover the amount of work first hand that goes into each type of job they witnessed that day.

Houchens Industry hosted a class interested in marketing after they opened up the IGA store at South Warren High School. The students saw the strategy that went into getting customers to have the best experience possible, and then went to an actual IGA Express to see how it was ran.

For Students

It’s never too early to start building your future and the networking connections to get you there. Career Shadowing allows you to ask yourself, “Can I see myself in this career?”

Ask your educators about SCK LAUNCH Career Shadowing opportunities.

For Businesses

Invite students to see the reality of your work environment. Through site visits and direct insight, you can set students on a focused pathway for experience and certification that results in productive leaders for your workforce.
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