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Competition Rules And Judging Criteria


  • The car must be the project for the class and shall not be an extracurricular activity
  • Students must complete at least 80% of the car
  • The car must have an LS engine

Application Process

  • Team must apply for entry into the program no later than February 15th.
  • Schools will be notified of their acceptance into the program no later than March 15th.
  • The car is to be completed between August and May.
  • The car will compete in the Holley LS Fest the following September.

Budget Fundraising

  • Each school will have a budget of $25,000 to modify their car.
  • There will be a process of handicapping to ensure cars compete on a level playing field.
  • Each team or supporting school is responsible for raising the $25,000 or securing equivalent donations
    • Donated products count as half their retail value.
    • Junkyard part costs and those purchased new count toward the budget in full.
  • Each team will present a monthly (or bi-monthly) report to the Motorsports Committee as a way to track progress.
  • Exceeding budget will result in point sanctions or disqualification.
    • Exceeding up to 5% will result in docking of 6 points from the final score
    • Any overage above 5% will result in disqualification
  • Teams must submit a monthly budget update and will be given a form, submission instructions, and a submission timeline at the beginning of the program.
  • Teams must include in their budget a contingency fund
  • Teams will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to all budgeting rules

General Rules

  • Applicants can include as many additional schools as they like to complete the car
  • Participants will be given a copy of the judging criteria, score sheets, budget instructions, and timelines upon acceptance into the On Track Program
  • Each car will be completed by the end of the school year in which it was started
  • Completed cars will be unveiled in August of the following school year
  • Unveil Day will consist of 3 components:
    • Team Meeting with LS Fest Officials to go over rules, schedules, what to expect
    • Unveil Ceremony
      • Hoods are required to be popped before and during the ceremony
      • Cars will be started at the end of the ceremony
    • Team Presentation of business/marketing plans
      • Students must make the presentation
      • Instructors may be present but may not take part in the presentation
  • The cars will then face off in the Holley LS Fest at Beech Bend Raceway (September)
    • There are eight components to the competition.
    • Each team is allowed no more than 3 runs in any phase of the competition.
    • Each school will have the same driver for each phase of competition.
    • If more than one driver is needed due to scheduling constraints, drivers will alternate so no one team has an advantage.
    • In each component, the school who comes in first will be given a predetermined point amount and the school who comes in second will receive 80 percent of those points.
    • Once each competition is completed, the school who received the most points overall will be crowned the winner.
    • In the event of a tie, the school who places first in the education division will win the competition.

Grudge Map Scoring & Rubric

Participant Budget Submission

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