Career Sectors & Pathways

Why Seven?

While there are many pathways for success, we care about dedicating efforts and focus to what works for our region. For South Central Kentucky, data on growth and demand pointed to seven keys areas: Construction; Healthcare; Hospitality; Manufacturing; Professional Services; Public Services; and Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics.

Over the next ten years, these sectors are predicted to be the highest for potential growth in employment. To better represent each sector and the opportunities available, we identified the top ten in-demand positions and the average wages associated.

A 1-day summit with members of the local business community served to reinforce our data and to aid in the creation of our sector alliances, which will help drive the development of talent in the coming years.

7 Career Sectors for South Central Kentucky

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Nothing is more valuable to health than the care involved. Be someone who provides it.

Professional Services

The success of a business is from the success of its people. Discover what skills you can offer.

Public Services

Every town and city functions through the combined efforts of its members. Learn more.


From the early drafts to a finished structure, every project has ins and outs. Find out more here.


Behind every single product is a hundred different hands. Find where yours can fit in.


Service to others is about more than a smile.
Learn more here.

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

Point A to point B is often more complex than a straight line. Take your career on the move.


SCK LAUNCH is a partnership between the Bowling Green Area Chamber Foundation, the Bowling Green Independent School District, Warren County Public Schools and local businesses to ensure our future public school graduates succeed in their careers.

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Allen County High School | Laura Carter

Area Technology Center | Chris Riggs

Bowling Green High School | Destiny O'Rourke

Bowling Green Learning Center | Jennifer Lowe

Edmonson County High School | Nikki Culbreath

Greenwood High School | Holly Whittinghill


Lighthouse Academy | Krista Hunt

South Warren High School | Julie Waddell

Warren Central High School |Laura Thornbury

Warren East High School |Melanie Keeling