From the early drafts to a finished structure.
Build your career on a foundation of knowledge.
Every construction project starts with an idea, once completed it becomes a space for possibility. A construction pathway allows hands on opportunities to build the infrastructure of our community. From the internal wiring to the crisp coat of paint, each component requires attention to detail in order to last generations. With multiple construction companies and growing industries in South Central Kentucky, continued expansions mean a continued need for this pathway.

Top 10 Highest Demand Positions In Construction

( South Central Kentucky )

  • Construction Laborer
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/STT Average Annual Salary: $29,300
  • Painter (Construction and Maintenance)
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT Average Annual Salary: $29,800
  • Cement Mason and Concrete Finisher
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT Average Annual Salary: $35,800
  • Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Mechanic/Installer
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT* Average Annual Salary: $38,300
  • Carpenter
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT  Average Annual Salary: $40,700
  • Plumber/Pipefitter/Steamfitter
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT Average Annual Salary: $41,100
  • Operating Engineer/Other Construction Equipment Operator
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT Average Annual Salary: $41,300
  • Electrician
Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT Average Annual Salary: $44,800
  • Supervisor of Construction and Extraction Worker
Minimum Required Education: OJT/PSE/Certificate* Average Annual Salary: $53,500
  • Construction Manager
Minimum Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree  Average Annual Salary: $75,300
HSD: High School Diploma OJT: On-the-Job Training, PSE: Post-Secondary Education STT: Short-Term Training GED: General Educational Development *Higher level of education preferred

Data Source Chumra JobsEQ®

Construction in South Central Kentucky

Construction Career Pathway

Bachelor’s Degree
Construction Manager
Project Engineer
Project Manager
Human Resources
Information Technology

$44,000 – $97,000

Associate’s Degree
Supervisor of Construction and Extraction Workers
Construction & Building Inspector

$30,000 – $90,000

OTJ Training / Post Education
HVAC Tech, Electrician
Truck Driver
Operating Engineer
Pipe fitter
Fire Protection

$30,000 – $75,000

High School Diploma / GED
Quality Control
Team Assembler
Production Worker
Laborer/Freight, Stock & Material Handler
Computer Controlled Machine Tool Operator

$20,000 – $45,300

Data Source Chumra JobsEQ®

By the Numbers

Numbers based on 1,277 seniors in the Spring 2019 graduating class.


Graduated with a career preparatory or completer program


Graduation Rate (95.5 to 98.9%)


Attendance Rate (94.7 to 99.9%)


Resources to start building your pathway are available throughout the community and through educational fields. Local schools are just one of many resources, and in the surrounding area these programs and career models are offered. See what’s available in your community.

Career-Focused Models:

  • Construction Academy (Warren County Area Technology Center)

Career Pathways Offered at Area High Schools:

  • Carpenter Assistant (Warren County Area Technology Center, Bowling Green)
  • Industrial Maintenance Electrical Technician (Warren County Area Technology Center)

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