Behind every single product is a hundred different hands.
Find where yours can fit in.

It takes a team to create a product, whether it’s food, essential packaging, or world-renown cars. South Central Kentucky features numerous opportunities, some with international connections, to join those teams and develop a career around making the materials our modern world requires. With the continued growth of technology, today’s manufacturing pathways have a multitude of high-tech positions for you.

Manufacturing Career Pathway

Bachelor’s Degree

Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Plant Manager
Production Manager

$72,000 – $102,000

Associate’s Degree

Process Operator
Production Coordinator
Training Manager
Maintenance Technician
PLC Technician

$41,000 – $87,000

On-th-Job Training / Certification

Process Control Operator
Production Technician
Industrial Machinery Mechanic

$40,000 – $81,000

High School Diploma / GED, Short Term Training

Team Assembler
Production Technician
Stock & Material Handler
Production Worker

$33,000 – $54,000

Data Source Chumra JobsEQ®

Manufacturing in South Central Kentucky

High Demand Positions In Manufacturing

( South Central Kentucky )

  • Industrial Engineer

Minimum Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree Average Annual Salary: $84,400

  • Mechanical Engineer

Minimum Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree Average Annual Salary: $78,700

  • Plant Manager

Minimum Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree Average Annual Salary: $108,700

  • Maintenance Technician

Minimum Required Education: Associate’s Degree, OJT, Certification Average Annual Salary: $44,500

  • PLC Technician

Minimum Required Education: Associate’s Degree, OJT, Certification  Average Annual Salary: $65,700

  • Production Technician

Minimum Required Education: HSD/OJT, Certification Average Annual Salary: $62,200

  • Welder

Minimum Required Education: OJT, Certification Average Annual Salary: $44,400

  • Machinists

Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT* Average Annual Salary: $42,700

  • Industrial Machinery Mechanic

Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT Average Annual Salary: $48,000

  • First-Line Supervisor of Production and Operating Worker

Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OTJ/PWE  Average Annual Salary: $55,500

HSD: High School Diploma OJT: On-the-Job Training, PSE: Post-Secondary Education STT: Short-Term Training GED: General Educational Development *Higher level of education preferred

Data Source Chumra JobsEQ®


Resources to start building your pathway are available throughout the community and through educational certifications. Local schools are just one of many resources, and in the surrounding area these programs and career models are offered. See what’s available in your community.

Career-Focused Models

  • Industrial Technician Assistant Program (Warren Central High School)
  • Manufacturing TRACK Youth Apprentiship (Bowling Green High School)

Career Pathways Offered at Area High Schools:

  • Agricultural Power, Structural, Technical Systems (Warren Central)
  • Maintenance Machinist (Warren County Area Technology Center)
  • Welding (Greenwood, Warren Central, Warren East, Warren County Area Technology Center)

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