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The success of a business is from the success of its people.

Discover what skills you can offer.

Can you picture yourself in a business setting, collaborating with a team to solve problems? Through interaction with employees, to product development, to insight on customer needs, it takes professional to cultivate a positive business environment.

Professional Services Career Pathway

Beyond 4+ Year Degree

Certified Accountant

$60,000 – $120,000

Bachelor’s Degree

Financial Institution Manager
Human Resource Manager
Software Developer

$34,000 – $60,000

Associate’s Degree / Certification

Tax Preparer
Legal Secretary
Computer Support Technician
Web Developer
Project Manager
Human Resource Specialist


High School Diploma / GED

Bank Teller
Customer Service Representative
Billing & Postage Clerk
Loan Interviewer

$20,000 – $31,000

Data Source Chumra JobsEQ®

Professional Services in South Central Kentucky

Top 10 Highest Demand Positions In Professional Services

( South Central Kentucky )

  • Cashiers

Minimum Required Education: OTJ Average Annual Salary: $20,300

  • Store Clerks and Order Fillers

Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT* Average Annual Salary: $25,900

  • Retail Salesperson

Minimum Required Education: OTJ Average Annual Salary: $26,800

  • Receptionists and Information Clerks

Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT* Average Annual Salary: $26,800

  • Customer Service Representative

Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT  Average Annual Salary: $29,400

  • Office Clerk (General)

Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OJT Average* Annual Salary: $29,900

  • Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, Except Legal, Medical and Executive

Minimum Required Education: HSD/OTJ/GED* Average Annual Salary: $31,500

  • Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerk

Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/OTJ/Some College Average Annual Salary: $38,100

  • Farmers, Ranchers and Other Agricultural Managers

Minimum Required Education: HSD/GED/PWE  Average Annual Salary: $69,500

  • General and Operations Manager

Minimum Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree/PWE Average Annual Salary: $82,500

HSD: High School Diploma OJT: On-the-Job Training, PSE: Post-Secondary Education STT: Short-Term Training GED: General Educational Development *Higher level of education preferred

Data Source Chumra JobsEQ®


Career Focused Models

  • Spartan Station (South Warren)
  • Gator Experiential Design (Greenwood)

Resources to start building your pathway are available throughout the community and through educational certifications. Local schools are just one of many resources, and in the surrounding area these programs and career models are offered. See what’s available in your community.

Career Pathways Offered at Area High Schools:

  • Accounting (Warren Central, Warren East, Greenwood, Bowling Green)
  • Administrative Support (Warren East, Greenwood, South Warren)
  • Agribusiness Systems (Warren East, Warren Central)
  • Business Management (Warren Central, South Warren, Greenwood, Warren East)
  • Business Management  Entrepreneurship (Bowling Green, Warren Central, Warren East, Greenwood, South Warren)
  • Business Multimedia (Bowling Green, Greenwood, Warren Central, Warren East)
  • Computer Science (Bowling Green)
  • Computer Programming (Warren County Area Technology Center)
  • Consumer & Family Management (Bowling Green, Greenwood, South Warren, Warren Central, Warren East)
  • Cyber Engineering (Bowling Green)
  • E-Commerce (Bowling Green, Warren Central, Warren East, Greenwood, South Warren)
  • Fashion & Interior Design (Bowling Green, South Warren)
  • Financial Services (Warren East)
  • Horticulture & Plant Science (South Warren, Warren East, Warren Central)
  • Information Processing (South Warren, Warren East, Warren Central, Greenwood)
  • Information Technology: Network Administrator (Warren County Area Technology Center)
  • Marketing (Warren East, South Warren, Bowling Green)
  • Web Design for Business & E-Commerce (South Warren)

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