Students learn to lead for their future careers and community.


Work Ethic Certification (Leading Self)

Student Ambassadors (Leading Others)

Building Career Leadership

Building upon Leader in Me and LEAD, Student-Led Leadership focuses on the application of the principles of leadership. Student-Led Leadership is a process for high school students to prepare for their future career and become contributing members of the community. The initiative focuses on actions that create positive impact for students, school and community.

Student-Led Leadership is comprised of two components to ensure all students have the opportunity to become the leaders of their future:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others

Leading Self:
Work Ethic Certification

The SCK LAUNCH Work Ethic Certification is awarded to high school seniors who complete a series of accomplishments that includes activities, courses and experiences to foster career readiness and portrays The Ideal Graduate.

The Work Ethic Certification is a signal to employers that a student is prepared to engage in the workforce. The certification validates that the individual has acquired habits, knowledge and skills foundational to entering the workforce. Students receiving this recognition should have an advantage when seeking employment as it easily identifies them as potential career ready employees.


Leading Others:
Student Ambassador Program

Leading others requires reaching out into the community of peers. As a representative of the Student Ambassador Team, students will lead campaigns and projects that encourage and promote the unity with the school community, both for students and other stakeholders.

Mentorships with educators and business leaders in the community provide the support and guidance to inspire and develop these projects through quarterly meetings.


Student Ambassador Tools & Resources


Student Application

Student Information

Business Information

Tool: Project Plan

Tool: Action Planning Worksheet

Tool: Meeting Planner

Tool: Hosting a Tour

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For more information, contact your school's College and Career Readiness Coach:


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