Educator Externships

Externships are one-day experiences where educators get first-hand involvement in a local business that represents one of our seven in-demand sectors.


Through this opportunity, educators can gain a deeper understanding of the technical skills their students may need for the workplace and what the real-world expectations students should have for their chosen pathways. Afterwards, educators can extend this knowledge to their students and colleagues.

Bridge the gap between education and the workforce.

As an educator, you are uniquely positioned to engage students in conversation about their future careers.

Educator Externships provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in local businesses, gaining a deep understanding of what students need to succeed in career environments.

Externships provide you with a frame of reference and language that will allow you to bring real-world situations and relevance to your students. This will allow you to make classroom activities and discussion more relevant to the needs of your students and better prepare them for emerging business demands.

Educator Feedback

My experience at the Holiday Inn University Plaza was very beneficial from a Career and Technical education stand-point. One of my goals is for students to achieve career readiness and it is important that I have an idea of the jobs available in Bowling Green and what skills employers are looking for. I enjoyed getting to see the background view of the employment process and how vital e-mail skills are for my future students to gain employment.

The biggest value in today’s Externship was the time that each of the US Bank employees took out of their day to go over all
of these wonderful goals and objectives with us regarding their professional experience and roles within the company. It was
nice to see the other side of the workforce and I truly hope we can partner with them in the future to design a program to help
our students become more employable.

To me, the most valuable part of the Med Center Health tour was the different people who came in and shared their stories with us. I had a wonderful, eventful, and educational day. It was apparent that the ladies in charge had worked hard in planning a very comprehensive overview of the operation of the hospital.

Host an Externship

To strengthen a workforce, you need to find it. One educator can reach hundreds of students daily, making externships a program that can improve long term recruitment and training. Start the bridge that brings potential future employees with motivations.

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